Did I create that or predict that?

Who is the bigger Jackass?

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, I found myself wondering and asking my angels, guides, and Akashic Record Keepers a variation of the age-old question, “Which comes first the chicken or the egg?” 

Only my version of that question is related to relationships.  During the years after my divorce and before I found my new husband, I went through many “relationship” trials and experiences.  I did not date much when I was younger, so I found myself learning these things in my 40’s. 

I realized that the more I cared about another person, the more my own insecurities and fears would rise to the surface.  Each time those arose, I would ask myself, “is this my fear, or is this my intuition telling me that something is amiss?”  Each time I ended up convincing myself that it was just my fears and to work through them for my own benefit. 

Eventually that relationship would come to an end, and I would find myself questioning again if it was my fear manifesting itself (fears of abandonment, not being lovable, insecurities, etc).  I had finally decided I no longer wanted to continue repeating this pattern of fear, pain, and doubt.  I no longer wanted to create a self-fulfilling prophecy of disappointment and sadness. So I went into my Akashic records and began to ask those questions once again. What I was given was a scenario/analogy that would allow me to better understand the subtleties of what had been playing throughout my experiences and my energy field.


He chose to be with another woman.  His choice was not a manifestation of my fear.  His choice was not made to inflict pain upon me.  His choice was simply his choice.  If I felt pain (fear, insecurity) it is simply because I chose to view his choice in such a way to match the vibration of my fears and insecurities that were present within me.  I did not create it, predict it, I simply matched it.

I chose to perceive his choice in such a way as to match my fears, which makes it seem like his choice is a manifestation of my fears, like I made that happen.  Then I would tell myself, “See, I was right.  I was right to fear or to worry about the relationship.”  Then, of course, that was followed by “I manifested that behavior because of my fears!” (the pattern of the self-fulfilling prophecy)

No, I did not make him choose another woman.  I did not make him retreat from me. His choices and actions have nothing to do with me, and everything to do with him.  He was simply having his own life experience based upon where he was in his life, wrestling with his own inner demons.

I now understand that I, and I alone, define all actions, words, and deeds of others.  Yes, they are the ones speaking those words, performing those actions, and doing those deeds.  Yet, in the end, it is up to me as to how I choose to perceive those actions, words, and deeds.  I define what they mean to me.  I could choose to let them roll off my back without another thought as I continue to focus on what is good and right within my world, or I can choose to assign great intensity of emotions…be them happy or painful. 

And, it is up to you.  Even now, as you read these words, you will define what they mean to you.  You will define if these words are meaningless, or if they create that wonderful “a-ha” feeling.  The words are what they are, they aren’t going to change for each person reading this.  Yet, each one of you will walk away with a slightly different understanding or viewpoint or reaction.

So the next time you feel hurt, frustrated, or in pain, because of the words or actions of another, ask yourself, “Is this really how I choose to define this moment?”  “Is this really what I choose to accept as truth?”  And, if you want to dig even deeper, ask “What can I do to heal that which in within me that is resonating or matching the frequency of this pain so I no longer need to feel it, or react to it?”

And, my dear friends, consider this…

If someone yells at you or says something hurtful, it may have only taken a few minutes of your life to have that experience.  The other person played a part in your life for a few moments.  YOU, on the other hand, continue to replay that moment, rehash that moment, and drag that moment on for much more than just a few moments of your life.  In the moment of the argument you may have even convinced yourself that the person yelling at you was a jackass for acting in such a way.

 I ask you, who is the bigger jackass, that person for participating once, or you for continuing to inflict the pain and suffering ON YOURSELF over and over and over and over again?  (Of course I say that with love and a bit of laughter, having been that “jackass” myself on many occasions.)

Did you know that your brain does not distinguish the difference between viewing something live and recalling that same something later?  The same firing patterns in the brain occur while viewing a vase on a table as recalling what the vase looked like on that same table.  The same firing patterns in the brain would also release the same biochemical response.  So whatever emotional response you had “live” is the same emotional and biochemical response you have create each time you revisit that moment in time, something you are doing to yourself!   So again, who is the bigger jackass?  The one who “caused” the pain the first time around, or you for subjecting yourself to the same response multiple times?

I don’t know about you, but I think I am tired of being a jackass.  Ü


Kathy McGinn~The Soul Whisperer


Sitting in the dark?

Imagine you and your best friend live on opposite sides of the country.  Your friend calls you on the phone to tell you about how dark it is inside of her house at night.  So, as a good friend, you begin to brainstorm with her about what she can do to bring more light into her house.  You talk about adding some candles, and how nice that might smell.  You talk about opening curtains to let more natural light into the house.  You talk about changing the lightbulbs.  The whole time you are offering solutions, your friend is just arguing about all of the reasons why that won't work.  Your friend is blaming the power company for not providing electricity.  

After a time, you just run out of suggestions.  You have done what you can, now it is up to your friend.  Sometime you just can't help someone who does not want to be helped.  You can love them, but you can't do the work for them.  Your work here is to be okay with letting go of the attachment to whether or not your friend ever gets their lights on, and your friend's work is just that, your friend's work.

Eventually, your friend calls you back up and says "Guess what!  Today I finally got fed up with sitting in the dark, so I got up and tried the light switch.  And the lights came on as soon as I flipped the switch!  Who knew I had power to the house all along?  To think, it was all within my reach all along, I just had to flip the switch."

While this little story may seem silly, and you may be thinking why would it have taken the friend so long to try the most obvious solution, the truth is we do this to ourselves all of the time!  Each time we find ourselves in "darkness" within our thoughts or emotions, the solution is usually right in front of us every step of the way.  But, for some reason, we just don't see it...until we do.

What if instead of "darkness" you use the word "fear", and instead of "flipping the switch" you "let in LOVE"?  How might that light up your world right now?


Kathy McGinn, The Soul Whisperer



Taking Chances

Life has a funny, funny way of unfolding.  When I first woke up this morning I found myself just lazing around in bed for almost 2 hours.  I could not really think of a good reason to get up, so I just enjoyed the quiet time.  With my handy dandy iPhone I checked my emails and played Words with Friends.  One of the emails mentioned the upcoming solar eclipse and how to get special glasses to view it safely.  I thought wouldn't it be nice if the school would supply these for our students.  So I decided to take a chance and texted my Directress at school (like a principal but called a Directress in Montessori).  One thing led to another, and within about the next hour I had located a local store who had enough in stock for our entire school and communicated with the directress of our school (who graciously agreed to purchase them for our students).  It all flowed so effortlessly, really.  And why did this happen?  It happened because I was relaxed, allowing my energy to flow, and just TOOK THE CHANCE when the opportunity presented itself.  There was not anything difficult or challenging about it.  Smooth and easy.

As I sat on my back porch eating my breakfast several ideas flowed through my mind about how to package and present my guided meditations and self hypnosis content.  One thing led to another, and wallah! A new course is in development (look for details to come soon).  Smooth and easy!

Then I facilitated a session of The Way of the Evolutionary energy balancing/energetic alignment using zoom with people half way across the world.  How cool is that?  And why?  Because at some point earlier this summer I TOOK A CHANCE when an opportunity presented itself.  

We ALL benefited from the session, including myself.  When the session ended, an impromptu moment of healing presented itself for one of the participants.  I could feel it, and offered to assist her, right then and there.  She TOOK THE CHANCE that was presented, and felt better for it.  It was a beautiful experience.

Which then led to me feeling so joyful and motivated to share this joy, so I TOOK A CHANCE and recorded an impromptu video of myself sharing a short bit about the experience.  AND, I TOOK ANOTHER CHANCE and POSTED IT ON FACEBOOK.  OH MY!

That was just moments ago, so I have no idea exactly where that chance is going to take me, but I am trusting it will be someplace wonderful.

I share all of this to say to you, when you feel relaxed and at ease, with your energy flowing, and an opportunity arises TAKE THE CHANCE!!!

If you are having trouble feeling relaxed and at ease, perhaps a little energy balancing or meditation is in order! 


Kathy McGinn, The Soul Whisperer

Dark Energy and Fears

Every thought, every emotion has an energy signature.  I am not here to judge whether a particular energetic signature is good or bad in and of itself, only to observe the effect that energetic signature has on my life.  From that perspective, if I say "negative" energy, I really mean an energy that had a negative effect on my state of being in that moment.  But, when I am having a conversation with another person it is just a whole lot easier to use the term "negative energy", than to give the more long winded version.

Fears, doubts, worries, concerns, frustrations, and various shades of anger are all energetic signatures I would classify as negative energy.  When I find myself feeling one of these negative energies I know that something within me is asking to be healed, so that I may return to my natural state of being, which is happiness and peace.  Now it is one thing to intellectually know this, it is another thing to actually be able to DO IT.

Years ago, December 2002 to be exact, when I was really digging in deep to my own personal issues through my connection to the Akashic Records, I journaled about negative energy.  The wisdom that flowed to me at that time I have used several times in my own life, and have used it countless times with clients.

Negative energy has a life and intelligence of its own.  It is borne through our own thoughts and intentions. In this way it is much like a small child, a toddler.  Have you ever been around a 2 year old who has been allowed to run wild, without proper limits or healthy boundaries?  Of course you have, we all have!  

They run around, jump on things, yell and scream to get their way, interrupt you while you are trying to speak to someone else, throw tantrums, argue with their parents, or refuse to share their toys with other children?  On some level when we see young children behaving this way, we understand they are learning, and they will grow out of those behaviors (hopefully).  It can also be easy sometimes to judge the parents as "good" or "bad" parents based upon how their children behave.  

Having been a parent myself to three wonderful children, I have some personal experience with this phase!  Luckily, I was familiar with using "time outs" to help teach my children how to regulate their emotions and how to set healthy limits and boundaries.  Did it work every time?  Probably not, but for my kids it worked most of the time.  When they were acting out, I may have been frustrated in the moment, yet I never stopped loving them.  I recognized them for who and what they were, a young child trying to figure things out.  And, my job as a parent was to help guide them in that process with love and compassion.  They went into time out when their own energy was out of control, when they calmed down, we could then have a discussion about what had happened, and how it could have been handled differently.  And, sometimes, I was the one that needed a short break from their behaviors so I could get my own emotions smoothed out and rebalanced.

One thing that I truly tried to do was to "Say what I mean and mean what I say", in other words, if I told my children that if you continue to do this or that, then this consequence will be the result, I had to be prepared to stick to what I had told them.  Consistency was the key.  Otherwise, they would have been empty threats, and their behaviors would have continued unchecked.  Or, my children would have had a harder time learning what was acceptable/appropriate for the situation because my response was inconsistent.

Now, back to this "negative" energy.  When fears or doubts are running wild in your mind, it is much like the young children I described above.  How many times have you made a decision to do something different for yourself, only to be derailed by fears and doubts?  How many times have you allowed your fears, doubts, worries, or concerns to STOP you from doing something you wanted to do?  How many times have you told yourself, "this time I am REALLY going to do it!" only to be derailed once again by fears, doubts, worries or concerns?  (Been there, done that.  Found a better way.)

Think of these fears, doubts, or concerns as immature energy that is a part of you, an energy signature that simply needs to grow up and mature into something more loving, compassionate, and peaceful.  You don't have to hate the fears, or feel guilty because of your doubts, you can embrace them as a part of you, you love them because they are an expression of YOU.  To hate the fear is to hate yourself.  Instead, take charge of your personal energy, put those negative thoughts (energy) into "time out", refocus your thoughts onto something more pleasant.  Then when you are feeling a bit more calm, you can revisit the thoughts you put into time out.  

You can remind yourself that your ARE A MAGNIFICENT SPIRITUAL being, and as such, you gently but firmly remind those negative thoughts that YOU are in charge, and invite the energy to "grow up".  You can even reassure it/you that it is safe, that it is going to be ok.  Or, if you are more visual, you can envision a bubble of soft, pink energy surrounding and enfolding, soothing and nurturing this fear, and all other aspects of yourself.

The key thing is to simply decide to be AWARE of your thoughts.  Be MINDFUL of what you are thinking.  If you find you are thinking the type of thoughts you would rather not have in your head, you can put those thoughts into time out, just by saying "I am putting you in time out!".  Refocus your attention onto something else entirely, and remind yourself about who you really are, a MAGNIFICENT SPIRITUAL BEING of the LIGHT AND LOVE.

And, of course, you can seek out various forms of energy work or Soul Whispering sessions to help you in the process.  It can be more challenging the first few times you do this, but it DOES GET EASIER each time.  Just like the wild 2 year old may throw a tantrum when you try to place rules into his life, but, if you stand firm with your new rules, if you say what you mean and mean what you say, that child will learn.  That child will adapt and grow and evolve, because of the rules and limits you have given him.  Your energy is the same!


Kathy McGinn, The Soul Whisperer

Healthy Boundaries

Simplify your life by focusing your thoughts only what you truly wish to experience.  Only agree to do the things that bring you joy, happiness, or peace.  If you do something because you feel "obligated" to do it, or you feel like you "should" do it, you will only find yourself feeling resentful in the end.  IF this is something you struggle with, now would be a good time to explore that issue in your Akashic Records.  Are you afraid of rejection?  Do you perceive it is the only way to get approval? What would it take for you to be able to give yourself permission to be true to yourself, making sure your needs are met with joy and ease?

Can you set healthy boundaries for yourself?  Are you able to tell a friend "No thank you, I have other plans at that time?" even if those other plans are quietly reading a book or taking a long, luxurious bath?  Or can you only deny another person's request if you are already "busy" doing something for another person?  (as if your needs were not as important)


If you find yourself feeling resentful, chances are it is really an opportunity for you to look at your own ability to set, and keep, healthy boundaries.  The other people in your life will continue to take advantage of you (your perception) because YOU HAVE TRAINED THEM TO DO SO.

Take baby steps if you must, just start by saying "No thank you" if it is something you really don't want to do.  Guess what?  You don't even have to explain WHY you don't want to accept the other persons offer or request!  Adopt the belief that you "say what you mean and mean what you say."  So, if you say no to someone, stick to it!  Giving yourself permission to say NO is setting the boundary in place.  Sticking to your NO is keeping the boundary in place.  I can almost guarantee that when you first start telling people NO, they are going to put some pressure on you to change your mind.  IF YOU CAVE UNDER THE PRESSURE, your boundary is lost and you will continue to experience the resentment.  BUT, if you patiently and lovingly hold true to yourself, keep your boundary in place, the other people in your life WILL learn to interact with you differently.

Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world.  When you change the inner world, your belief about your right to say NO to another, then your outer world will begin to change to reflect the change within you.

Historically, healthy boundaries has been a big issue with light workers, caregivers, teachers, healers, and such.  There is nothing wrong with putting yourself first!  In fact, it is important that you do put yourself first.  It is important that you do take the time to take care of yourself, fill yourself up with love and compassion for Self, EVERY DAY.  After all, how can you truly be there for another if you are sickly, unhealthy, or low on energy?

Setting healthy boundaries is one way of claiming your personal power.  Each time you do so, you are indirectly giving another who struggles permission to do the same.  We teach by example and model through our actions.  Setting and keeping healthy boundaries is not only healthy for you on many levels, but it is also good for everyone around you.

Holding the Space

So what does it mean to "hold the space"?

When I take on the role of a facilitator (energy healer, counselor, teacher, etc) it is important for me to also know how to HOLD THE SPACE.  

When I "hold the space" for another human being I fill myself up with love and compassion FIRST, as I fill myself up with these attributes I become these attributes, which then allows me to radiate these attributes into my environment, which in turn affects the individuals who share my environment.  I don't do this to change the others in my world, I do this because it feels good to radiate love and compassion!

As I radiate love and compassion, I am also ALLOWING the other person to just be whoever they are in that moment.  No JUDGEMENT.  In that moment, I am not trying to fix them, save them, or change them.  I am simply holding and radiating the frequencies of love and compassion the best I can, allowing things to unfold for my client (or friend, family member, student), without attachment to the outcome.

Holding the space is about allowing the other person to JUST BE.  Accepting them for who they are, without judgement.  It is about being there to support when they are ready, but not forcing the issue at hand.  And, sometimes it is about holding a vision of the potential of who that person can be when they cannot see it for themselves.  Again, not in an effort to change them.  But to simply look into their eyes and remember them for who they truly are...a beautiful magnificent Soul.

~Kathy McGinn, The Soul Whisperer

Dream Big!

Longing is like the negative side of a dream.  When we dream about good things, we feel good inside, we are filled with hope and energy.  When we long for something it is because we desire it greatly but feel like we can never have it, so it creates a negative feeling inside of us.  The "idea" is the same, whether it is a "dream" we hold or a "longing".  The difference is our belief or attitude towards that idea.

What if you could do anything you wanted to do?  What if you could be anything you wanted to be?  What if you KNEW beyond a shadow of a doubt that you could do anything, be anything, and have anything your heart desires?  What would you go for?  THIS IS YOUR DREAM, SO DREAM BIG!!  Take a nice deep breath and just notice how it feels inside, even if just for a moment, as you align yourself with your dreams.  It feels pretty good, right?

Now, let go of wondering how you are going to accomplish it and simply focus on what it is that really makes your heart jump with excitement.  Take time to get SUPER CLEAR ON WHAT YOU DESIRE.  Remember, where you place your attention, you get more of the same.  Be mindful of where you place your energy and attention.  If you find yourself slipping out of the dreaming feeling and into the longing feeling, take a step back, breathe deeply, and refocus your thoughts and attention.  YOU HAVE TREMENDOUS POWER, and the power is your ability to direct your personal energy, your ability to direct your thoughts, and your ability to choose what you will focus upon.

Achieving your dreams is not only possible, it is probable, when you manage your most valuable resource well.  Your most valuable resource is your own personal energy!  Learning to manage this takes practice, and conscious awareness.  And, it is something that is within reach for each and every one of you!


Kathy~The Soul Whisperer

If you find you would like some guidance or assistance in this process of awakening, transforming, and becoming your best self, I would love to work with you.  In addition to the individual sessions that I offer, I am now offering group sessions once per month for The Way of the Evolutionary.  These will be offered on the third Saturday of each month.  Please visit www.sacredinsights.com for more details!






Loving What Is

I was recently a participant in a webinar called The Alchemy of You, facilitated by Peggy Phoenix Dubro.  (For those who may not know, Peggy is responsible for the birth of The EMF Balancing Technique).  It was a powerful and emotional webinar, as we aligned our energy, shifted our thinking, and opened to greater possibilities.  The main point of the conversation that stuck with me was the idea that we are here to learn how to "love what is".

When Peggy first spoke those words, my initial reaction in my mind was to argue.  I thought to myself how can I love watching a family member suffer in a nursing home?  How can I love watching others suffer with addictions?  How can I love pain of any sort in someone's life?  But, I allowed myself to just sit with it for a bit.  The first thought that came bubbling up to the surface in response to my own questions was the old "just let it go".  (Boy sometimes I get tired of hearing that one, even if it is TRUE).

As a few more hours went by, more understanding began to float to the surface of my mind.  I realized that for me, loving what is means to love myself as I experience what is going on around me.  It means that as I watch a beloved family member suffer in the nursing home, I don't have to LOVE that situation, rather I allow love for myself to guide me in my thoughts, words, and actions related to her being in the nursing home.  I cannot change the events happening in my life, but I can manage how I respond to those events.  

That very night after our first webinar session we were are family party, celebrating the birthday of my 90 year old great-aunt.  It was a nice party.  Towards the end, I found out my husband had been in a car accident while driving my car (he was fine, car was not) and we had to call 911 to help get my aunt (who suffered a stroke a few months ago) back into her wheelchair, which she slipped out of while trying to get down the ramp and into the van.  (As all of this was happening within minutes of each other) I found myself marveling and questioning the cosmic synchronicity of events.  Here I was standing in the middle of chaos and high emotions, wondering "how do I love this?"  And, then I would find the love flowing through me, almost effortlessly.  It was not a constant flow, but I could feel it none the less.  Once again the cosmos provided the opportunity for me to put into practice that which I was hoping to better understand.

The next morning a new understanding made itself known to me about this "loving what is" business.  I began to see myself like a fountain, with love simply flowing through me and into the world around me.  The beauty of it is that I do not need to guide it or direct it.  It is not necessary to set intentions with the energy.  Just let go, allow it to flow through me.  That is it.  This idea is not necessarily new, but the way I am understanding it is new.  

There is a certain freedom with it this time that I have not felt before.  Maybe it is because in the past I sort of felt like I had a job to do, a part to play, and I was responsible for directing and intending the energy to make the most of it.  And, now, I know I can just let it flow.  All will be well.  After all, it is only LOVE AND LOVE IS ALL THERE IS.

~The Soul Whisperer, Kathy

Remember to do your spiritual practice!

I ALWAYS feel better when I do my spiritual practice on a regular basis.  For me, that practice is communing with my Infinite Presence, taking time to do short meditations daily, and connecting with my "cadre" (angelic helpers, God, etc).  When I do these things, my life flows so joyfully and peacefully.  I always feel invigorated when I work with clients for EMF Balancing and Akashic Records/Soul Whispering sessions because the energy flows THROUGH me, and it feels vibrant and alive.

And, even though I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I absolutely feel better when I do these things, I will eventually forget to do one, then another, and another, until I am not doing a very good job of it at all.  Of course, that is when I feel not so good anymore.  And, I take the steps to get myself back into the good feeling place.  One would think I would learn by now not to slip, but I think that is just part of being human.  I am okay with that.

As it would happen, I just found myself in one of those "forgetting" phases, and decided it was time to get things moving in the right direction again.  A dear friend of mine reminded me of the importance of connecting with my angels and asking them for their help.  They are there, on the ready, unable to act until I ask.  Oh Yeah!  I was reminded to connect with my heart and listen to what it was telling me.  I was reminded that I always feel best when I commune with my Infinite Presence and release the worries and frustrations I may be feeling in my oh-so-human body.

So, today I put back into practice all of those things that I had forgotten. And guess what?  I feel better.  Insights began flowing right to me.  Connections were made and healing occurred.  Geez! I sure hope I don't forget again, but if I do, I am sure I will have someone give me a friendly reminder to get back on track.  Perhaps if you are reading this now, it is YOU that is in need of a friendly reminder to get back to your spiritual practice, every day, even when you are feeling great!


The Soul Whisperer

Shine Your Light

Never be afraid to let your light shine!  Now, more than ever before it is important to honor who you are, and what you bring to the world.  You are unique, there is not anyone else quite like you.  Embrace what makes you unique and then choose to share that with the world around you.  These words may not be new, but that does not make them any less important to read.

My favorite quote of all time is "You must be the change you wish to see in the world" by Gandhi. I love it for its simplicity, and for its truth. I have often seen in my mind's eye an image of light filled gridlines that surround the earth.  Imagine a large sheet of graph paper surrounding the earth.  Then, from each intersecting point, a line of light drops to the surface of the earth and connects with a human being.  

Wherever you are in your personal state of being sends an energetic frequency through that light connection into the light grid, where it blends with all of the other frequencies that have been flowing from all of the other people.  But, that energy flows both ways.  The "group" consciousness of humanity exists within that "graph paper in the sky".  I can tap into that if I choose and "download" information or energy.  I can also "upload" information into the group consciousness.  

From my perspective, as I grow and evolve, the quality of energy I upload changes.  As I increase the intensity of the energy of love and compassion within my being, that energy flows up into the grid, blending with what is already there.  Imagine if EVERYONE did the same thing! 

THAT is how we change the world.  I don't choose love because I want to change anything or anyone.  I choose it because it makes ME feel good inside.  The natural by-product is it will have an effect on the larger group consciousness by changing the quality of energy that I contribute to the group.

One of the best ways to change the quality of energy within you, and what you upload, is to HONOR WHO YOU ARE!!!  I cannot emphasize this enough.  Honor and respect who you are and all that you bring to this world.  It serves no purpose to hide or diminish yourself in any way.  Shine brightly my friends, shine brightly.

Here I grow again

About 18 years ago I came up with the name "sacred insights" for my business name.  Over the years I have created numerous websites (some of the early versions would make me cringe now), and shifted the services that I would highlight or even offer.  A couple of years ago I created a new website called Pathways and Connections.  I shifted most of the "sacred insights" material to that site, but offered it in a more "main stream" kind of way.  It felt right at the time.

Now, I am shifting back again.  My website evolves to reflect my own inner evolution.  Where I once felt like I had to cater to the mainstream, or at least try not to stand out as a "weirdo", I now embrace fully who I am, and what I bring to the world.  People may love me or leave me, it matter not because I LOVE ME. 

As I made the official shift (changing the DNS name servers from my long time provider to this new one) it was strangely scary, sort of like letting go of a long time friend.  That feeling surprised me a bit, I must admit.  I sat with it for a few minutes, reminded myself that I always look for the best possible outcome in any situation, and I enjoy being surprised with just how easy it can be, and moved my attention to other things (like writing this blog post).

I don't know exactly where this new leg of my journey will take me, but I am happy to observe it as it is happening, and allowing it to unfold in the most joyful way possible.  For now, this site will be focused on two main things (which happen to be the two things I enjoy doing the most).  

The first one is the Akashic Records!  I love to facilitate sessions, which I call Soul Whisperer sessions, akashic records just doesn't quite cover it all.  I also put together a rather nice (if I do say so myself) on demand video course to teach others how to access their own Akashic Records.

The second thing that I love to do is EMF Balancing Technique sessions.  Now, I am able to teach the first four phases, but at this time I only plan to give sessions.  In the past few months I have even explored giving sessions for pets and their people.  That was really interesting! (Geez, now I just remembered I NEED to add that to the website!  See, it is always evolving.)

Stay tuned!  There will be so much more to follow!!

New Beginnings

Before we can have new beginnings, we must experience the endings of some things.  I once read something that said "you cannot write the next chapter of your life if you are still re-reading the last chapter."  That is such a simple concept when put that way, yet can be much more challenging to put into our day to day practice of living.  

Where we place our attention, energy follows.  Where energy flows, creation grows.  If you keep your attention and energy focused on what has already happened, you continue to feed the creation of those very same things.  This is how we create repeating patterns within our lives.

If you want something to be different, you must stop looking at the past and keep your attention focused on what you wish to achieve, desire to experience, or who you choose to be RIGHT NOW.  You must let go of your attachment to the way things used to be, and be open and willing to accept that something new and better suited to you will flow right to you as soon as you make a space for it.

Over the past few years I have been in situations that provided me with numerous opportunities to "let go".  Sometimes I did so gracefully, without hesitation.  Other times it was more of a struggle as I tried desperately to cling to what I had for fear that what I was losing could never be replaced.  The biggest piece of wisdom I gained through these experiences was the understanding that the pain I experienced was not in the letting go, it was in the holding on.  

Each time I finally reached the point of letting go, truly letting go, and TRUSTING that something better would come along, IT DID.  Every time.  And, it was always something even better than I could have imagined for myself.  

The most powerful phrase I learned to use was this: "Bring me the best possible outcome and surprise with how easy and joyful it can be."  I used this when I found myself spinning my wheels in my head trying to figure out the next best step.  Or, when my emotions were running high and I could feel the stress levels rising.  Or, when there were simply too many variables for me to "logically" work through to find a solution.  When the awareness came that I just did not know the right thing to do, or action to take, I would say this phrase, breathe deeply, and then put my attention on absolutely ANYTHING else that made me feel good.  By using this process I allowed my old way of being (me trying to figure everything out on my own) to come to an end.  I made room for a grander, better version of myself to blossom and grow.

How about you?  What are you willing to let go of?  What can you bring to an end in order to give birth to something new? If you truly wish for something new to flow into your life, be willing to first make room for it by letting go of the things that no longer serve who you are in this moment.  Allow one way of being to come to an end so that you can experience that new beginning you so deeply desire. There are lots of ways to support yourself through these growing curves, and if you need a guiding hand along the way, you know where to find me.