Dream Big!

Longing is like the negative side of a dream.  When we dream about good things, we feel good inside, we are filled with hope and energy.  When we long for something it is because we desire it greatly but feel like we can never have it, so it creates a negative feeling inside of us.  The "idea" is the same, whether it is a "dream" we hold or a "longing".  The difference is our belief or attitude towards that idea.

What if you could do anything you wanted to do?  What if you could be anything you wanted to be?  What if you KNEW beyond a shadow of a doubt that you could do anything, be anything, and have anything your heart desires?  What would you go for?  THIS IS YOUR DREAM, SO DREAM BIG!!  Take a nice deep breath and just notice how it feels inside, even if just for a moment, as you align yourself with your dreams.  It feels pretty good, right?

Now, let go of wondering how you are going to accomplish it and simply focus on what it is that really makes your heart jump with excitement.  Take time to get SUPER CLEAR ON WHAT YOU DESIRE.  Remember, where you place your attention, you get more of the same.  Be mindful of where you place your energy and attention.  If you find yourself slipping out of the dreaming feeling and into the longing feeling, take a step back, breathe deeply, and refocus your thoughts and attention.  YOU HAVE TREMENDOUS POWER, and the power is your ability to direct your personal energy, your ability to direct your thoughts, and your ability to choose what you will focus upon.

Achieving your dreams is not only possible, it is probable, when you manage your most valuable resource well.  Your most valuable resource is your own personal energy!  Learning to manage this takes practice, and conscious awareness.  And, it is something that is within reach for each and every one of you!


Kathy~The Soul Whisperer

If you find you would like some guidance or assistance in this process of awakening, transforming, and becoming your best self, I would love to work with you.  In addition to the individual sessions that I offer, I am now offering group sessions once per month for The Way of the Evolutionary.  These will be offered on the third Saturday of each month.  Please visit www.sacredinsights.com for more details!






Loving What Is

I was recently a participant in a webinar called The Alchemy of You, facilitated by Peggy Phoenix Dubro.  (For those who may not know, Peggy is responsible for the birth of The EMF Balancing Technique).  It was a powerful and emotional webinar, as we aligned our energy, shifted our thinking, and opened to greater possibilities.  The main point of the conversation that stuck with me was the idea that we are here to learn how to "love what is".

When Peggy first spoke those words, my initial reaction in my mind was to argue.  I thought to myself how can I love watching a family member suffer in a nursing home?  How can I love watching others suffer with addictions?  How can I love pain of any sort in someone's life?  But, I allowed myself to just sit with it for a bit.  The first thought that came bubbling up to the surface in response to my own questions was the old "just let it go".  (Boy sometimes I get tired of hearing that one, even if it is TRUE).

As a few more hours went by, more understanding began to float to the surface of my mind.  I realized that for me, loving what is means to love myself as I experience what is going on around me.  It means that as I watch a beloved family member suffer in the nursing home, I don't have to LOVE that situation, rather I allow love for myself to guide me in my thoughts, words, and actions related to her being in the nursing home.  I cannot change the events happening in my life, but I can manage how I respond to those events.  

That very night after our first webinar session we were are family party, celebrating the birthday of my 90 year old great-aunt.  It was a nice party.  Towards the end, I found out my husband had been in a car accident while driving my car (he was fine, car was not) and we had to call 911 to help get my aunt (who suffered a stroke a few months ago) back into her wheelchair, which she slipped out of while trying to get down the ramp and into the van.  (As all of this was happening within minutes of each other) I found myself marveling and questioning the cosmic synchronicity of events.  Here I was standing in the middle of chaos and high emotions, wondering "how do I love this?"  And, then I would find the love flowing through me, almost effortlessly.  It was not a constant flow, but I could feel it none the less.  Once again the cosmos provided the opportunity for me to put into practice that which I was hoping to better understand.

The next morning a new understanding made itself known to me about this "loving what is" business.  I began to see myself like a fountain, with love simply flowing through me and into the world around me.  The beauty of it is that I do not need to guide it or direct it.  It is not necessary to set intentions with the energy.  Just let go, allow it to flow through me.  That is it.  This idea is not necessarily new, but the way I am understanding it is new.  

There is a certain freedom with it this time that I have not felt before.  Maybe it is because in the past I sort of felt like I had a job to do, a part to play, and I was responsible for directing and intending the energy to make the most of it.  And, now, I know I can just let it flow.  All will be well.  After all, it is only LOVE AND LOVE IS ALL THERE IS.

~The Soul Whisperer, Kathy

Remember to do your spiritual practice!

I ALWAYS feel better when I do my spiritual practice on a regular basis.  For me, that practice is communing with my Infinite Presence, taking time to do short meditations daily, and connecting with my "cadre" (angelic helpers, God, etc).  When I do these things, my life flows so joyfully and peacefully.  I always feel invigorated when I work with clients for EMF Balancing and Akashic Records/Soul Whispering sessions because the energy flows THROUGH me, and it feels vibrant and alive.

And, even though I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I absolutely feel better when I do these things, I will eventually forget to do one, then another, and another, until I am not doing a very good job of it at all.  Of course, that is when I feel not so good anymore.  And, I take the steps to get myself back into the good feeling place.  One would think I would learn by now not to slip, but I think that is just part of being human.  I am okay with that.

As it would happen, I just found myself in one of those "forgetting" phases, and decided it was time to get things moving in the right direction again.  A dear friend of mine reminded me of the importance of connecting with my angels and asking them for their help.  They are there, on the ready, unable to act until I ask.  Oh Yeah!  I was reminded to connect with my heart and listen to what it was telling me.  I was reminded that I always feel best when I commune with my Infinite Presence and release the worries and frustrations I may be feeling in my oh-so-human body.

So, today I put back into practice all of those things that I had forgotten. And guess what?  I feel better.  Insights began flowing right to me.  Connections were made and healing occurred.  Geez! I sure hope I don't forget again, but if I do, I am sure I will have someone give me a friendly reminder to get back on track.  Perhaps if you are reading this now, it is YOU that is in need of a friendly reminder to get back to your spiritual practice, every day, even when you are feeling great!


The Soul Whisperer

Shine Your Light

Never be afraid to let your light shine!  Now, more than ever before it is important to honor who you are, and what you bring to the world.  You are unique, there is not anyone else quite like you.  Embrace what makes you unique and then choose to share that with the world around you.  These words may not be new, but that does not make them any less important to read.

My favorite quote of all time is "You must be the change you wish to see in the world" by Gandhi. I love it for its simplicity, and for its truth. I have often seen in my mind's eye an image of light filled gridlines that surround the earth.  Imagine a large sheet of graph paper surrounding the earth.  Then, from each intersecting point, a line of light drops to the surface of the earth and connects with a human being.  

Wherever you are in your personal state of being sends an energetic frequency through that light connection into the light grid, where it blends with all of the other frequencies that have been flowing from all of the other people.  But, that energy flows both ways.  The "group" consciousness of humanity exists within that "graph paper in the sky".  I can tap into that if I choose and "download" information or energy.  I can also "upload" information into the group consciousness.  

From my perspective, as I grow and evolve, the quality of energy I upload changes.  As I increase the intensity of the energy of love and compassion within my being, that energy flows up into the grid, blending with what is already there.  Imagine if EVERYONE did the same thing! 

THAT is how we change the world.  I don't choose love because I want to change anything or anyone.  I choose it because it makes ME feel good inside.  The natural by-product is it will have an effect on the larger group consciousness by changing the quality of energy that I contribute to the group.

One of the best ways to change the quality of energy within you, and what you upload, is to HONOR WHO YOU ARE!!!  I cannot emphasize this enough.  Honor and respect who you are and all that you bring to this world.  It serves no purpose to hide or diminish yourself in any way.  Shine brightly my friends, shine brightly.

Here I grow again

About 18 years ago I came up with the name "sacred insights" for my business name.  Over the years I have created numerous websites (some of the early versions would make me cringe now), and shifted the services that I would highlight or even offer.  A couple of years ago I created a new website called Pathways and Connections.  I shifted most of the "sacred insights" material to that site, but offered it in a more "main stream" kind of way.  It felt right at the time.

Now, I am shifting back again.  My website evolves to reflect my own inner evolution.  Where I once felt like I had to cater to the mainstream, or at least try not to stand out as a "weirdo", I now embrace fully who I am, and what I bring to the world.  People may love me or leave me, it matter not because I LOVE ME. 

As I made the official shift (changing the DNS name servers from my long time provider to this new one) it was strangely scary, sort of like letting go of a long time friend.  That feeling surprised me a bit, I must admit.  I sat with it for a few minutes, reminded myself that I always look for the best possible outcome in any situation, and I enjoy being surprised with just how easy it can be, and moved my attention to other things (like writing this blog post).

I don't know exactly where this new leg of my journey will take me, but I am happy to observe it as it is happening, and allowing it to unfold in the most joyful way possible.  For now, this site will be focused on two main things (which happen to be the two things I enjoy doing the most).  

The first one is the Akashic Records!  I love to facilitate sessions, which I call Soul Whisperer sessions, akashic records just doesn't quite cover it all.  I also put together a rather nice (if I do say so myself) on demand video course to teach others how to access their own Akashic Records.

The second thing that I love to do is EMF Balancing Technique sessions.  Now, I am able to teach the first four phases, but at this time I only plan to give sessions.  In the past few months I have even explored giving sessions for pets and their people.  That was really interesting! (Geez, now I just remembered I NEED to add that to the website!  See, it is always evolving.)

Stay tuned!  There will be so much more to follow!!

New Beginnings

Before we can have new beginnings, we must experience the endings of some things.  I once read something that said "you cannot write the next chapter of your life if you are still re-reading the last chapter."  That is such a simple concept when put that way, yet can be much more challenging to put into our day to day practice of living.  

Where we place our attention, energy follows.  Where energy flows, creation grows.  If you keep your attention and energy focused on what has already happened, you continue to feed the creation of those very same things.  This is how we create repeating patterns within our lives.

If you want something to be different, you must stop looking at the past and keep your attention focused on what you wish to achieve, desire to experience, or who you choose to be RIGHT NOW.  You must let go of your attachment to the way things used to be, and be open and willing to accept that something new and better suited to you will flow right to you as soon as you make a space for it.

Over the past few years I have been in situations that provided me with numerous opportunities to "let go".  Sometimes I did so gracefully, without hesitation.  Other times it was more of a struggle as I tried desperately to cling to what I had for fear that what I was losing could never be replaced.  The biggest piece of wisdom I gained through these experiences was the understanding that the pain I experienced was not in the letting go, it was in the holding on.  

Each time I finally reached the point of letting go, truly letting go, and TRUSTING that something better would come along, IT DID.  Every time.  And, it was always something even better than I could have imagined for myself.  

The most powerful phrase I learned to use was this: "Bring me the best possible outcome and surprise with how easy and joyful it can be."  I used this when I found myself spinning my wheels in my head trying to figure out the next best step.  Or, when my emotions were running high and I could feel the stress levels rising.  Or, when there were simply too many variables for me to "logically" work through to find a solution.  When the awareness came that I just did not know the right thing to do, or action to take, I would say this phrase, breathe deeply, and then put my attention on absolutely ANYTHING else that made me feel good.  By using this process I allowed my old way of being (me trying to figure everything out on my own) to come to an end.  I made room for a grander, better version of myself to blossom and grow.

How about you?  What are you willing to let go of?  What can you bring to an end in order to give birth to something new? If you truly wish for something new to flow into your life, be willing to first make room for it by letting go of the things that no longer serve who you are in this moment.  Allow one way of being to come to an end so that you can experience that new beginning you so deeply desire. There are lots of ways to support yourself through these growing curves, and if you need a guiding hand along the way, you know where to find me.