Follow Your Heart Energetic Alignment

I invite you to join me in an experiment that goes beyond time and space.  Together we will create a loving space, of heart to heart connections, beginning with me as I write this message, and connecting with you whenever, and wherever you are when you read this message and choose to participate.


Please place your hand over your heart area.  Say aloud, “I connect my heart with the heart of the divine source of creation, I breathe the light of creation into every cell and fiber of my being, I am one with Divine Creation.”  Breathe deeply and feel the energy flowing into your body.  Feel the peace that washes over you. As you do this, I do this, too.  (in my time and place) Together we generate a peace filled, loving, and compassionate state of being.


My friends, now more than ever it is so important to live from your heart, to listen, and I mean truly listen, to the wisdom of your heart.  Your heart whispers messages from your soul into your mind all the time.  The wisdom of your heart is ever present; it is always with you.  It is the noise of the world, and the hustle and bustle of life that can interfere with your ability to hear those loving, guiding whispers offered by your Heart.  But, make no mistake, the loving guidance IS THERE. 


I invite you once again to join me, right now, as you read these words, by placing your hand on your heart.  The physical touch to your body, directs your consciousness to the point of contact with your body.  When you place your hand on your heart, it brings your consciousness out of your mind (where fears, doubts, worries, and concerns live) and brings you into the patient, loving wisdom of your heart. 


As we do this together, me as I write this with the intention of connection and communion, you as you read this, we meet…heart to heart.  In the place of connection and communion, let us give the intent to release all that no longer serves us, support us, or nurtures us.  In this place of connection and communion, heart to heart, let us give the intent to open our hearts fully to the flow of divine love and compassion. 


As we breathe in the love, breathe in the compassion, may we just sit here and be with one another.  Here in this place of connection and compassion we shed the trappings of the human condition, and see ourselves for who we truly are, magnificent beings of light, love, and compassion.  We see that we are, indeed, connected.  We feel how we are connected, and it is easy to have love and compassion for each other, for we understand that we ARE one another.


From this state of being, from this state of awareness, we understand that the pathway to success and longevity is not the old model of “survival of the fittest” which facilitates competition, rather the new model of cooperation, which breeds compassion through heart to heart connections. 


Kathy McGinn ~ The Soul Whisperer


Kathy McGinn

Kathy McGinn has been a spiritual teacher and energetic healer for nearly 20 years.  She has traveled internationally to work with clients, students, and facilitate retreats.  She has hosted an internet radio show, written a book, and created guided meditations.  Her passion is helping others to better understand the nature of who they are and how they relate to the world around them.