Loving What Is

I was recently a participant in a webinar called The Alchemy of You, facilitated by Peggy Phoenix Dubro.  (For those who may not know, Peggy is responsible for the birth of The EMF Balancing Technique).  It was a powerful and emotional webinar, as we aligned our energy, shifted our thinking, and opened to greater possibilities.  The main point of the conversation that stuck with me was the idea that we are here to learn how to "love what is".

When Peggy first spoke those words, my initial reaction in my mind was to argue.  I thought to myself how can I love watching a family member suffer in a nursing home?  How can I love watching others suffer with addictions?  How can I love pain of any sort in someone's life?  But, I allowed myself to just sit with it for a bit.  The first thought that came bubbling up to the surface in response to my own questions was the old "just let it go".  (Boy sometimes I get tired of hearing that one, even if it is TRUE).

As a few more hours went by, more understanding began to float to the surface of my mind.  I realized that for me, loving what is means to love myself as I experience what is going on around me.  It means that as I watch a beloved family member suffer in the nursing home, I don't have to LOVE that situation, rather I allow love for myself to guide me in my thoughts, words, and actions related to her being in the nursing home.  I cannot change the events happening in my life, but I can manage how I respond to those events.  

That very night after our first webinar session we were are family party, celebrating the birthday of my 90 year old great-aunt.  It was a nice party.  Towards the end, I found out my husband had been in a car accident while driving my car (he was fine, car was not) and we had to call 911 to help get my aunt (who suffered a stroke a few months ago) back into her wheelchair, which she slipped out of while trying to get down the ramp and into the van.  (As all of this was happening within minutes of each other) I found myself marveling and questioning the cosmic synchronicity of events.  Here I was standing in the middle of chaos and high emotions, wondering "how do I love this?"  And, then I would find the love flowing through me, almost effortlessly.  It was not a constant flow, but I could feel it none the less.  Once again the cosmos provided the opportunity for me to put into practice that which I was hoping to better understand.

The next morning a new understanding made itself known to me about this "loving what is" business.  I began to see myself like a fountain, with love simply flowing through me and into the world around me.  The beauty of it is that I do not need to guide it or direct it.  It is not necessary to set intentions with the energy.  Just let go, allow it to flow through me.  That is it.  This idea is not necessarily new, but the way I am understanding it is new.  

There is a certain freedom with it this time that I have not felt before.  Maybe it is because in the past I sort of felt like I had a job to do, a part to play, and I was responsible for directing and intending the energy to make the most of it.  And, now, I know I can just let it flow.  All will be well.  After all, it is only LOVE AND LOVE IS ALL THERE IS.

~The Soul Whisperer, Kathy


Kathy McGinn

Kathy McGinn has been a spiritual teacher and energetic healer for nearly 20 years.  She has traveled internationally to work with clients, students, and facilitate retreats.  She has hosted an internet radio show, written a book, and created guided meditations.  Her passion is helping others to better understand the nature of who they are and how they relate to the world around them.