Shine Your Light

Never be afraid to let your light shine!  Now, more than ever before it is important to honor who you are, and what you bring to the world.  You are unique, there is not anyone else quite like you.  Embrace what makes you unique and then choose to share that with the world around you.  These words may not be new, but that does not make them any less important to read.

My favorite quote of all time is "You must be the change you wish to see in the world" by Gandhi. I love it for its simplicity, and for its truth. I have often seen in my mind's eye an image of light filled gridlines that surround the earth.  Imagine a large sheet of graph paper surrounding the earth.  Then, from each intersecting point, a line of light drops to the surface of the earth and connects with a human being.  

Wherever you are in your personal state of being sends an energetic frequency through that light connection into the light grid, where it blends with all of the other frequencies that have been flowing from all of the other people.  But, that energy flows both ways.  The "group" consciousness of humanity exists within that "graph paper in the sky".  I can tap into that if I choose and "download" information or energy.  I can also "upload" information into the group consciousness.  

From my perspective, as I grow and evolve, the quality of energy I upload changes.  As I increase the intensity of the energy of love and compassion within my being, that energy flows up into the grid, blending with what is already there.  Imagine if EVERYONE did the same thing! 

THAT is how we change the world.  I don't choose love because I want to change anything or anyone.  I choose it because it makes ME feel good inside.  The natural by-product is it will have an effect on the larger group consciousness by changing the quality of energy that I contribute to the group.

One of the best ways to change the quality of energy within you, and what you upload, is to HONOR WHO YOU ARE!!!  I cannot emphasize this enough.  Honor and respect who you are and all that you bring to this world.  It serves no purpose to hide or diminish yourself in any way.  Shine brightly my friends, shine brightly.


Kathy McGinn

Kathy McGinn has been a spiritual teacher and energetic healer for nearly 20 years.  She has traveled internationally to work with clients, students, and facilitate retreats.  She has hosted an internet radio show, written a book, and created guided meditations.  Her passion is helping others to better understand the nature of who they are and how they relate to the world around them.