Do You Feel Lost, Confused, Frustrated,
Irritated, or Stagnant?

Are you on the edge of transformation or evolution?


So, if you’re like most people who find their way to my website, you’re looking for some new answers. Maybe things aren’t going the way you thought they would by now, or your career isn’t giving you the satisfaction and meaning you want, or your relationships could be more fulfilling…

There’s any number of reasons your life might not feel as good as you know it could… it might even feel a little empty, or chaotic as you cope with big changes like moving your home, the ending of a significant relationship or feeling the pull of something ‘more’ but you don’t know what it is…

Many of my clients report feeling like they’re going through their days with a sense that something is missing, that they’re supposed to be doing something different and that they want more out of life. The answers to these issues are buried like hidden gemstones within the field of their akashic records, just waiting to be discovered.

Did you know you already have access to the wisdom buried within your akashic records? Your answers are within your akashic field right now – and that’s what can be really frustrating.

Everything you need to know is right there, within you. Yet, for many, it is difficult to "find" those answers or the "hear" the guidance being offered by their very own Souls. Which is why it feels so frustrating!

Going through life figuring out the answers by bouncing off what ISN’T the answer is tough… but when you are able to gain clarity, the clarity that’s within your soul right now, and take action on it, everything can change for you – and that’s what I am here to help you do.

As a Soul Whisperer and Wisdom Keeper, I connect with the field of your akashic records, hear the subtle whispers of your Soul and share them with you. Our time together on the phone or video chat gives you the ability to access the information within your akashic records, and to receive the guidance that is your birthright to have.

Soul Whispering Sessions are NOT just about hearing the words

It’s all about shifting the limiting patterns that have defined your life up until now. When you shift your inner world, where those limiting patterns live, and listen to the whispering of your soul’s language, you have the power to create anything you really want in your outer world. Because it’s then that you are living your life as a daily expression of your Soul’s essence, which is the key to peace and prosperity.

So, to put it simply, the idea is to listen to the whisperings of your Soul and take the best action from there. Sounds easy, right? Well, if it was, you wouldn’t be here… you’re up against two different challenges.

The first is that you have to be able to get the messages from your Soul, which is completely possible. Yet it takes practice to really fine tune that ability in order to use it consistently and accurately.

And secondly, you have to be able to understand what these insights from your Soul are guiding you to know, be or do. When your linear mind is doing it’s job to help you sort out all the conflicting information, it will sometimes just completely pass over those intuitive insights because they aren’t logical. And then there’s the whole language barrier – if you’re not used to decoding those messages or speaking the language of your Soul, which is completely foreign for most people, you’re not going to understand what you got anyway!

So that’s where I come in… I help you to get AND translate those messages, your sacred insights that come from your Soul, so you can get on with the business of living the life you are meant to enjoy!

By gaining clarity around your sacred insights, you can put your spirit into action and master your Soul’s potential in both your inner and then your outer worlds. Together, we explore the challenges and frustrations in your life to find the hidden wisdom buried within them.

These bits of wisdom are YOUR sacred insights, offered by YOUR Soul. I just listen, receive, and share them with you in a way that will make sense to you. We put them together with what’s happening in your life so you can release what doesn’t work and move toward what you really want in your life.

As a Soul Whisperer I connect to your Akashic Records, the energetic recording of your Soul and beyond. These sessions are powerful, transformative, and healing. Much can be done in one hour of time. Your session will be done by phone or videochat. Read more here

As a Wisdom Guide, I teach others how to access their own Akashic records. Everyone has the right to access his or her own akashic records. It is a part of who you are. So, while everyone who chooses to access their records will be able to do so, not everyone is meant to access the records on behalf of clients. If you feel called to work with clients and their akashic records, we can talk about special mentoring programs that are not posted publicly. Read more here


kathy karlander

“May you be blessed to know the Truth of who you are to live your daily life as an expression of that Truth.”  
~ Kathy Karlander


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