Dark Energy and Fears

Every thought, every emotion has an energy signature.  I am not here to judge whether a particular energetic signature is good or bad in and of itself, only to observe the effect that energetic signature has on my life.  From that perspective, if I say "negative" energy, I really mean an energy that had a negative effect on my state of being in that moment.  But, when I am having a conversation with another person it is just a whole lot easier to use the term "negative energy", than to give the more long winded version.

Fears, doubts, worries, concerns, frustrations, and various shades of anger are all energetic signatures I would classify as negative energy.  When I find myself feeling one of these negative energies I know that something within me is asking to be healed, so that I may return to my natural state of being, which is happiness and peace.  Now it is one thing to intellectually know this, it is another thing to actually be able to DO IT.

Years ago, December 2002 to be exact, when I was really digging in deep to my own personal issues through my connection to the Akashic Records, I journaled about negative energy.  The wisdom that flowed to me at that time I have used several times in my own life, and have used it countless times with clients.

Negative energy has a life and intelligence of its own.  It is borne through our own thoughts and intentions. In this way it is much like a small child, a toddler.  Have you ever been around a 2 year old who has been allowed to run wild, without proper limits or healthy boundaries?  Of course you have, we all have!  

They run around, jump on things, yell and scream to get their way, interrupt you while you are trying to speak to someone else, throw tantrums, argue with their parents, or refuse to share their toys with other children?  On some level when we see young children behaving this way, we understand they are learning, and they will grow out of those behaviors (hopefully).  It can also be easy sometimes to judge the parents as "good" or "bad" parents based upon how their children behave.  

Having been a parent myself to three wonderful children, I have some personal experience with this phase!  Luckily, I was familiar with using "time outs" to help teach my children how to regulate their emotions and how to set healthy limits and boundaries.  Did it work every time?  Probably not, but for my kids it worked most of the time.  When they were acting out, I may have been frustrated in the moment, yet I never stopped loving them.  I recognized them for who and what they were, a young child trying to figure things out.  And, my job as a parent was to help guide them in that process with love and compassion.  They went into time out when their own energy was out of control, when they calmed down, we could then have a discussion about what had happened, and how it could have been handled differently.  And, sometimes, I was the one that needed a short break from their behaviors so I could get my own emotions smoothed out and rebalanced.

One thing that I truly tried to do was to "Say what I mean and mean what I say", in other words, if I told my children that if you continue to do this or that, then this consequence will be the result, I had to be prepared to stick to what I had told them.  Consistency was the key.  Otherwise, they would have been empty threats, and their behaviors would have continued unchecked.  Or, my children would have had a harder time learning what was acceptable/appropriate for the situation because my response was inconsistent.

Now, back to this "negative" energy.  When fears or doubts are running wild in your mind, it is much like the young children I described above.  How many times have you made a decision to do something different for yourself, only to be derailed by fears and doubts?  How many times have you allowed your fears, doubts, worries, or concerns to STOP you from doing something you wanted to do?  How many times have you told yourself, "this time I am REALLY going to do it!" only to be derailed once again by fears, doubts, worries or concerns?  (Been there, done that.  Found a better way.)

Think of these fears, doubts, or concerns as immature energy that is a part of you, an energy signature that simply needs to grow up and mature into something more loving, compassionate, and peaceful.  You don't have to hate the fears, or feel guilty because of your doubts, you can embrace them as a part of you, you love them because they are an expression of YOU.  To hate the fear is to hate yourself.  Instead, take charge of your personal energy, put those negative thoughts (energy) into "time out", refocus your thoughts onto something more pleasant.  Then when you are feeling a bit more calm, you can revisit the thoughts you put into time out.  

You can remind yourself that your ARE A MAGNIFICENT SPIRITUAL being, and as such, you gently but firmly remind those negative thoughts that YOU are in charge, and invite the energy to "grow up".  You can even reassure it/you that it is safe, that it is going to be ok.  Or, if you are more visual, you can envision a bubble of soft, pink energy surrounding and enfolding, soothing and nurturing this fear, and all other aspects of yourself.

The key thing is to simply decide to be AWARE of your thoughts.  Be MINDFUL of what you are thinking.  If you find you are thinking the type of thoughts you would rather not have in your head, you can put those thoughts into time out, just by saying "I am putting you in time out!".  Refocus your attention onto something else entirely, and remind yourself about who you really are, a MAGNIFICENT SPIRITUAL BEING of the LIGHT AND LOVE.

And, of course, you can seek out various forms of energy work or Soul Whispering sessions to help you in the process.  It can be more challenging the first few times you do this, but it DOES GET EASIER each time.  Just like the wild 2 year old may throw a tantrum when you try to place rules into his life, but, if you stand firm with your new rules, if you say what you mean and mean what you say, that child will learn.  That child will adapt and grow and evolve, because of the rules and limits you have given him.  Your energy is the same!


Kathy McGinn, The Soul Whisperer