Finding the Gifts...Transformational Life Coaching!

Would you like to:

  • go from confusion to clarity in regards to important decisions
  • uncover repeating patterns, and figure out how to release them
  • Identify dysfunctional relationships, understand them,  and release them.
  • find the meaning behind "growth opportunities" or "lessons" that continue to show up in your life (understanding the challenges you may be experiencing)
  • move from victim to victor as you step more fully into your Co-Creator growth mindset
  • satisfy that feeling that something needs to change, even if you don't know what that something is!
  • experience greater satisfaction and peace in your life?

Hopefully you answered YES to several of those statements above!  The more you understand yourself, your relationships, and the world around you, the wiser you become.  The challenges you face, in your life and relationships, present you with opportunities for growth.  When you work through the challenges and experience the growth, you are ‘gifted’ with a piece of Wisdom, taking it right into the core of your being.  The more Wisdom you acquire, the more peaceful, centered, and loving you feel.

My multi-session approach is designed to help you uncover your gifts that still remain hidden in the fears, doubts, worries, concerns, resentments, anger, frustration, pain, or trauma you are experiencing.  Throughout our time together, you will discover your inner compassion, understanding of Self, and the healing power of forgiveness.  

Together, with the assistance of your Soul, we will work to shift any limiting or faulty beliefs that prevent you from living your most joyful life.  This isn’t just life coaching or relationship coaching, this is Soul Coaching

Learn to tap into your tremendous storehouse of resources and take control of your life. Your mind is such an amazing and powerful tool.  I will work with you to teach you how to best utilize the most powerful tool for transformation you have at your disposal.  Are you ready to unleash the best of what you have to offer yourself and the world?

"Kathy, you have an amazing gift and I am forever grateful for sharing it with me. I feel wonderful and at ease now more than ever. Your talents are truly a blessing...My session was perfect and I thank you so very much...Be well!" ~Evan Wasserstrom, CA


This program is a unique blend of transformational mind techniques, energy body work, and intuitive coaching. It will be tailored to best help you to reach your goals. This is a one-on-one program, not a group program.  

Due to the nature of this program, I only have spots for 2-3 clients at a time to ensure you get the attention you deserve.  Finding the Gifts coaching program will span approximately 6-8 weeks and it includes the following:

  • 3 hours of Soul Whispering sessions by phone or videochat (valued at $360)
  • 2 EMF Balancing technique combo sessions (phases 1/2 combo and phases 3/4 combo), or 4 single phases. (valued at $220)
  • 1 Reflection session (valued at $120)
  • Unlimited streaming access to guided meditations
  • Unlimited email support during your program
  • Finding the peace, healing, and wisdom you seek (priceless)

Based upon my past experience with clients what I can tell you is this, if you are unhappy in your life or you just want more out of life, it takes time and commitment.  There is not a magic pill that will create a new reality for you overnight.  One Soul Whispering  can certainly help you.  But if you seek long term growth or life changing results, I encourage you to take advantage of Finding Your Gifts.  

The Soul Whispering sessions spread out over a couple of months will help you gain clarity on a variety of issues and find wisdom that has been buried within you.  The EMF Balancing sessions will work hand in hand with your Akashic Records, shifting energy patterns and bringing a greater sense of balance and peace into your life.  These two modalities have changed my life, changed the lives of countless others, and will change yours, too.  The Reflections session is a different style of quantum coaching blended with the EMF Balancing Technique.  


If you see an active link for payment, you are in luck!  That means I have a spot open at this time.  If the link is not active, please send me an email and I will add your name to my waitlist.