Reflections Session

What is a Reflection Session? 

A Reflections session is about reflecting upon yourself, your desires, and your intentions or goals.  It is powerful tool for managing your most precious resource, YOUR PERSONAL ENERGY.  Quantum physics tells us that as we observe something we affect it, as we discuss it, we change it. 

Our thoughts, words, actions, emotions, and deeds are all expressions of our personal energy.  As we take the time to observe ourselves on a deeper level, and how we choose to spend our personal energy, we begin to take charge of our personal energy.

Reflection sessions are an easy way for us to not only observe our personal energy, and how we have spent it in the past, but to reflect on how we would consciously choose to spend it in the present to bring us what we truly desire.

What does a session look like?

It can be done by phone, in person, or through video chat sessions.  Sessions usually last between 45 minutes to one hour.  I speak English.  If you speak a different language, we can find a translator to assist in the session.

What will we do?

1.     During our time together we will first spend some time making sure you are feeling centered and grounded.

2.       Then, while coming from a centered place of being, we will review your intention or goal, choosing carefully the words you wish to use.  This is a VERY IMPORTANT part of the session. 

3.     Next we will look at what action steps you can take, what things may have gotten in your way before, what things you may already be good at, and what things you would like to receive in relationship to the intention or goal you have set. 

4.     The final step is to do some energy healing, or shifting, in order to amplify your intention or really set your goal firmly into place.

**Reflections Sessions were created by Peggy Phoenix Dubro, the original creator of the EMF Balancing Technique.  I am an accredited practitioner and teacher for Reflections through Peggy.

Reflections Session
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"I had a session last week. I'm still taken away by the process and the results. It was comfortable, yet awakening. I found myself naturally opening up my mind, heart, breathing, and thoughts in a way that flowed through my body in such a positive and inspiring way. At one point, I had a release of tears that felt more like a light bulb had been turned on. I learned so much about myself, including so much about what internally holds me back from achieving my goals. It's true that we sometimes are our worst enemy. :-). Thank you to Kathy for guiding me along the journey and providing me with not only an overall positive experience, but also tools to guide me through times when I am feeling overwhelmed or need some mental clarity."~Hollie K