Weddings and Commitment Ceremonies


wedding officiantWhether you are planning a wedding, commitment ceremony, or a rededication of your vows doesn't really matter. What matters is that you are in a loving relationship and you want to plan a special day to share that love with your friends and family. It is my belief that this special day should be done your way, to make it the perfect ceremony for you and your beloved.

I work with couples to create a unique and personalized ceremony, choosing just the right words to convey how you feel and that fit your style. If you want lots of religious content, that's great! If you don't want any religious content, that's great! Our planet is full of unique individuals and there isn't any one ceremony out there that will fit every situation. That is why I communicate with you to help you design the perfect ceremony for you.

I have officiated ceremonies in chapels, churches, outside, inside, with pets, with kids, and even inside of a prison. I have officiated small weddings, large weddings, formal and informal. If I haven't already done it, I would certainly consider it if that is your heart's desire.

I don't require meeting ahead of time, but can be available if you would like to do so. Primarily I work with couples through email to create the ceremony. I don't require contracts. I prefer not to schedule more than 4 months in advance, but in certain situations will do so. My fee is primarily based upon my travel time. If you would like me to attend a rehearsal in addition to the ceremony, there is a separate fee (assuming the rehearsal is on a different day, if it is the same day just prior to the service, there is no additional fee).

I also provide many other services that might be beneficial to you through this time (I have heard planning a wedding or commitment ceremony can be a tad stressful at times.) Most, if not all, of these services can be done via phone or webcam.




Please email me at to discuss availability and pricing!