Strengthening Your Essence!

This series of video chat practice sessions is designed to enhance the Akashic Record experience of each participant.  In our sessions, you will open your own Akashic Records and a connection to the group's Akashic Records as a whole.  Each participant may then ask questions, and each member will have the opportunity to share insights from the Akashic Records.

I will facilitate, and interject with "teachable" moments.  Teachable moments are those things that may come up, in the moment, that will allow  you to learn valuable information about how to fine tune your questions, address any issues that may be preventing you from feeling successful in your connections to the flow of energy from the Akashic Records, and so forth.

These practice sessions are just that, PRACTICE for the participants.  It is meant to be very interactive, not just me talking the whole time.  These sessions are for YOU to get the feedback you need to help you fine tune your receiving channel.  

The sessions in this package are very similar to the group sessions that are a part of the video course I offer. If you are unfamiliar with my video course, you may want to check that out first!

Upcoming Dates:


  • 4 Tuesday evenings (7:00 to 8:30 pm EDT) in January, 2018


Prerequisite: This package is not for beginners.  You must have completed the on demand video course, read my book, "Discovering the Essence of Your Soul", or taken a workshop from me in person.   If you feel like you have sufficient basic knowledge of how to access your Akashic Records from another source, you may email me and we can discuss it.