What is a Soul Whispering Session?


 It is your opportunity to ask the infinite wisdom of YOUR Soul anything that you wish.


Would you like to:

    • Receive guidance from your Soul/Higher Self?
    • Release the pain and suffering from your life?
    • Uncover the hidden meaning behind the events / issues in your life?
    • Discover why you experience repeating patterns?
    • Unravel the hidden dynamics that block your joy in your relationships?
    • Understand the growth opportunities underlying the events in your life?
    • Make a bigger difference in the world through your work?
    • Learn to fully step into your role as the Co-Creator of your life?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you will benefit from a Soul Whispering Session.  What happens during a Soul Whispering session is often life changing.  Healing.  You get answers to questions that have been in your life for years.  And, it's not just about the words.

As the words flow, there is a powerful energy that comes from your Akashic Records that is intertwined with the words and the energetic resonance of my voice.  This energy prompts healing within your life, creates shifts of old patterns that have limited you or hindered you in the past, and supports and empowers you to grow with joy.  Often times I am guided to take you through  visualizations, release work, forgiveness work, and so much more.  Sometimes something entirely new will flow through me, tailored just for you.

Each Soul Whisperer session is unique.  Each session is perfect for you, where you are, giving you exactly what you are READY FOR at this time.

Everything I do is designed to help you better understand the nature of who you are, and how you relate to the world around you.  My goal is to facilitate growth, expansion, understanding, compassion and joy within your life.  

I am passionate about finding what lies dormant within you and awakening the spark within you, so that you can shine brightly into the world. There is no one on the face of this planet who can be a better you than YOU! Are you ready to be the best version of you that you can possibly be?

 Great!  Let's get this started...

Soul Whisperer Session
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Still not sure if this is for you?  Try EMF Balancing Sessions!


My other love is EMF Balancing.  Soul Whispering and EMF Balancing can often achieve the same outcomes.  Soul Whispering is more interactive, you ask questions, the answers flow through me to you.  EMF Balancing you simply receive the energy flow, experience the balancing effects, and feel the peace within.  The rest will unfold as it is meant to, and always moving you to the next level of balance and grace.

Click here to find out more about EMF Balancing!


NOTE: After payment is received, I will contact you within 24 hours to set up your session.