The Thinner You!

So, you want to lose weight?  That’s great!  Now, tell me WHY? 

Why do you want to be thinner?  What will happen to you if you don’t lose weight?  How will that bring pain into your life?  If you really want to be successful at changing your body weight, it is imperative that you understand why you want those changes!  Human beings are hardwired to avoid pain and move towards pleasure.  You have to understand the “pain” being overweight causes you.  Then, we can work together to find ways to avoid that pain, and move towards the pleasures of life. 

This unique program is not really a weight loss program. It is a program designed to help you find the true "inner beauty" and bring that inner you into the outer world. This program is about coaching you in many aspects of your life, not just your weight. The weight will simply drop off along the way on your road to happiness. You have endured enough pain in your life already, haven't you. Isn't it time you discovered how to find the pleasures of life? Isn't it time you discovered how to find true happiness with yourself and with your life? Of course it is!

So, be fully present right here, right now, and choose happiness!

With your permission, I will access your Akashic Records in order to tailor a unique program according to your Soul's wishes, using a unique blend of transformational mind tools, energy body work, and intuitive counseling. It will be tailored to best help you to reach your goals.

This program will span 2-4 months and you investment in yourself is $750.00. This package includes the following: (If you need a payment plan please contact send an email to

  • 8 Soul Translation sessions by phone or webcam (may include akashic record sessions, hypnosis, etc)
  • 2 EMF Balancing technique combo sessions by phone (phases 1/2 combo and phases 3/4 combo)
  • Support CDs via mp3 download
  • email support until you reach your goal weight

Upon payment you will redirected to book your sessions through my online calendar.

Click on the play button below to hear what one of my many happy clients has to say about the Thinner You program and working by phone!