Stop Smoking Now

Everyone had their own unique reasons for starting smoking, and everyone has their own unique reasons for wanting to quit.  What are your reasons?

The average cost of a pack of cigarettes today is about $5.  If you smoke just one pack a day, every day, that equals $1,825 a year.  2 packs a day comes to about $3650/year.  In these tight economic times, when you stop smoking, think what you could do with an extra $3600? 

Better yet, let me show you how to multiply that money and turn it into a nest egg.  After you quit smoking, you keep ‘spending’ the same money you were spending on unhealthy, nasty cigarettes.  Except, now, you ‘spend’ that money on your savings account.  That’s right.  You just deposit that money right into your savings account and never touch it or spend it on anything else.  If that is all you do, in 20 years time, you will have $36,500 in your savings account.  (That assumes you aren’t earning any interest, which you will, so your nest egg will be even bigger.)

Maybe your reason is health.  Maybe you heard something scary from the doctor, or your cough is getting out of control.  Maybe you are just tired of watching a loved one die a slow, and painful death related to years of smoking. 

Or, maybe you just want to get the most out of life and stop limiting yourself.  I have heard all sorts of reasons why people just like you want to stop smoking.  As long as your reason is strong enough, you will succeed. 

Soul Translation sessions can help you.  Many people quit successfully after just one session.  I offer 4 sessions, because I want to make sure you have all of the support you need to ensure long term success.

As a Soul Translator I will tailor a unique program according to your Soul's wishes, using a unique blend of transformational mind tools, energy body work, and intuitive counseling. It will be tailored to best help you to reach your goals.

The cost of this program is $300 and it includes the following:

  • 2 hypnosis sessions by phone or webcam
  • 2 EMF Balancing technique combo sessions by phone (phases 1/2 combo and phases 3/4 combo)
  • audio support via mp3 download


Upon payment, you will be directed to my online booking calendar.

Can you imagine how nice it will be to take a deep, full breath?