Akashic Record Consultation



During our one hour phone session, that is exactly what we will do. You will ask the questions that have been burning in your mind, and/or bring your issues that have caused you the most pain, frustration, or suffering.  I will then connect with your Akashic Records and th Essence of Your Soul to bring you the insights, clarity and healing that you seek. This is not just about getting information, it is far more powerful than that. Energetic shifts often occur, healings often occur, simultaneously with hearing the words/information. This is why we can accomplish much in just one hour of time. While I do access your akashic records, this consult is more than just that. It is whatever it needs to be, for you, in conjunction with your Soul's wisdom. This is an excellent starting place for those new to spiritual growth, as well as those who are well along the way of the spiritual path.


All sessions are recorded, if you wish, and available as an mp3 download.

Schedule your Akashic Record session for $120.00


Note to New Clients: This is the ideal place to start. It is very easy to do. Just click on the link above to pay for your session. I will contact you within 48 hours to schedule your session.

During your session you can ask anything you like, remember that the quality of your questions determine the quality of your life. Questions related to spiritual growth, personal growth, and self-understanding generally make for the best sessions. You don't have to ask questions, you can also bring up issues and challenges that you are currently facing, together we will find the hidden gems of wisdom and growth underlying those challenges. These are your Sacred Insights!


    Past Life Regression

    Past Life Regression--Understanding the energetic echoes from the past that are showing up in your present life. This is a single session conducted by phone, it can also be recorded if you wish.This is similar to a Soul Translation session, the difference is that you are a more active participant in retrieving the information. Caution: If you have never been hypnotized or experienced guided meditations before, this may not be the place to start.


    Personal and Spiritual Growth Packages

    I have grouped my most popular services together to best utilize the wisdom of your Soul.

  • Finding the Gift --a series of sessions designed to help you find the hidden wisdom or gift in your current life challenges.
  • Stop Smoking-- a series of sessions working with the wisdom of your Soul to help you kick the habit once and for all. This program is a unique blend including hypnotherapy and energy/body work. Fantastic results!
  • The Thinner You--a series of sessions designed with the assistance of your Soul's wisdom, to help you unleash your inner beauty into your outer world. This program inlcudes hypnotherapy along with other modalities to give you a unique and effective approach to lifestyle changes.
  • Stress Management Coaching--a series of sessions designed to teach you how to train you body to respond differently to the stressors of life, and to connect more deeply with the wisdom of your inner being. I have a whole separate website dedicated to this type of service. It is
  • Heal Faster from Surgery--Please call Kathy for more information if you plan to have surgery.


Energy Bodywork Packages

Your energy body- just like any other part of your physical body- needs attention too!