Past Life Regression

What is a past life regression?
Simply put, a past life regression is a method of accessing your memory banks from other lifetimes. 

Past Life regressions for curiosity’s sake…
Curiosity seekers have numerous options.  They can use self hypnosis, guided meditations, visualizations, and so forth.  Most often, if the intent is simply curiosity, the voyage to past life memories is only going to turn up interesting facts but not therapeutic facts.  Your superconscious mind will only allow you to experience that which you are capable of handling on your own. I prefer to work with clients who seek therapeutic past life regressions.  If you are merely curious, I suggest you check out my past life video series on Youtube.

Therapeutic Past Life regressions…
 If you are seeking healing and growth as a result of your past life regression session, it is important for you to work with an experienced soul guide.  An experienced soul guide knows how to provide the proper framework, how to guide you without ‘tainting’ your experience, and can assist you with any emotional reactions you may have. 
When I work with clients and guide them through their past life regressions, I am also working with the energy of their akashic records, the wisdom of their Soul, and their superconscious intelligence.  With me, you get the benefit of my years of experience with the akashic records, soul level communication, and energy healing.  During your past life regression session, I work together with the essence of your Soul to guide you exactly where you most need to visit.  Setting the proper framework prior to starting your explorations is the key to a successful session. Together we can explore your past lives, heal and shift what needs to be healed, and bring that healing forward to this here and this now. 

Here are some of the most common themes addressed during a past life regression...

  • Identifying Bleed-throughs that are limiting your life now.  Sometimes, events, energy and emotions from past lives can bleed-through into this life.  When this bleed through happens it can interfere with your experiences.  These bleed-throughs can also cause you to react more intensely to certain situations that what most would consider reasonable. During a past life regression with me, we can identify the bleed-through, release it, and seal it into the lifetime where it belongs.
  • Identify and release irrational fears-For instance, perhaps you have an irrational fear of heights.  You may discover through a past life regression where that fear comes from.  Once you discover it, understand it, it is much easier to release that fear from this life.  During a past life regression session with me we may identify the source of these fears, reframe the experience and create a shift in this life which will allow you more freedom.
  • Identify the hidden dynamics in a relationship—By exploring your past life you will often find you travel with certain souls.  These soul groups will change around the roles they play with each other for the purpose of learning and growing.  For instance, maybe your spouse in this life was a brother in another life.  Maybe your daughter or son in this life was your parent in another life.  We can be male or female, and often alternate between the two.  By identifying hidden dynamics of ‘left overs’ from past lives, you are free to heal limiting relationships in this life.