In the Reflections course you will learn to give yourself a Reflection session, and you will learn how to give sessions to others.  You can add this new tool to your existing practice, or you can build a practice giving Reflection sessions to clients. 

If you know how to open your Akashic Records, this is an excellent tool to combine with that practice.  In addition to learning a new technique, you will also receive energetic alignments to assist you in your practice.

This is a course created by Peggy Phoenix Dubro, and anyone can take it..  It is not necessary to have a background in EMF Balancing or the Akashic Records. 

Where is the course taught?

Primarily I teach the course online using a service called Zoom (similar to skype but generally better connections).  This method gives people access no matter where they may live, without the need to travel!  We will meet 3 times, approximately 2 hours each time.  Curious what the course will be like?  Check out the info below!

What will we do?

Part One:

  • Introductions and instructions about using Zoom (chat, questions, viewing options)
  • Powerpoint and video
  • Serenity Prayer and flow chart
  • Definitions
  • Look at the Self Reflection session-but not doing it yet

Part 2

  • Creating the intention
  • Filling out the Statement of Focused Intent (SOFI) worksheet
  • Each person takes time to do a self reflection session offline (then we come back together to discuss online).  I will remain online to answer any questions that may come up.
  • Closing meditation
  • ***(Determine practice partners for giving sessions in part 3-if your partner is not local, you may want to exchange skype contacts.  If you are not able to find a partner to practice with, please arrange to have someone you can GIVE the session to even if they cannot give one to you.)


Part 3

  • We will review the self-Reflection session you experienced. 
  • We will go step-by-step through the process of giving a session to another person.
  • You will then give a session to your partner, and then your partner will give one to you.
  • We will come back together for questions and discussion, and a final meditation from Peggy.

Upon completion of the course you will be able to give sessions to yourself or others.  

To receive a certificate from Peggy and be listed as a recognized Reflections facilitator, it will be necessary to complete another step.  This additional step (and fee) are only necessary IF you wish to be listed on the EMF website.

This is a fun course to take and is an evolutionary leap in the art of self reflection!

Reflections Training
188.00 222.00


If you speak a language other than English and need a translator, please let me know.  I have worked with translators before, it works very well!