Personal Growth Training-Evolution of Consciousness

The Personal Growth Training is open to all students who wish to strengthen their connection to the Universal Energy Source, and to know more about their unique electromagnetic nature. You will begin with the new 2 day "The Lattice Experience Workshop." If you choose, you may then continue your studies...

This evolution of consciousness is accomplished by having a hands on experience of the first four phases of the EMF Balancing Technique®. All students will receive each of the four phases during the training and will also perform each of the four phases during the training.

All students receive training materials that enable them to perform the sessions on friends and family. The Personal Growth Training is not a certification training. Graduates are not EMF practitioners, nor are they licensed to perform the sessions professionally. Internships are available for those individuals seeking to offer these sessions to others on a professional basis.

The Personal Growth Program is a prerequisite to becoming an Accredited Practitioner. It is taught exclusively by EMF Balancing Technique Supervisory Teachers.

The first step... The Lattice Experience Workshop! ®

Duration: 2 days
Prerequisites: None – open to all
Cost: $180 USD

Human consciousness is evolving and that evolution is reflected within our energy anatomy. The Universal Calibration Lattice® (UCL), a system within the energy anatomy, is radiating from the very core of our being.

This workshop is an experiential introduction to the understanding of how the UCL impacts our consciousness and our ability to co-create our most enlightened life!

Two days of activity and energetic alignments honoring your unique pattern of wholeness.

Universal Calibration Lattice®

Day 1

An informative overview of the Universal Calibration Lattice, what it looks like and how it works (supported by animations and video with Peggy).

Understand the calibration process and the new dynamics of energy.

Apply this information in a practical way to enhance your individual growth and accelerate your evolution. Become aware of and recalibrate common dynamics of energy!

Learn the Alternating Sweep, an exercise of clear co-creation.

Learn to give (and receive) an empowering loving and nurturing EMF Balancing Technique Introductory Energy Session.

Workshop Schedule – Day 1

    • Introduction
    • Opening Circle
    • Hello by Peggy Phoenix Dubro (video)
    • The Lattice – Animation video
    • Universal Calibration Lattice (part 1)
    • The Spiral Sweep – Exercise
      - Preparation / Presentation / Alignment
    • Universal Calibration Lattice (part 2)
    • The Alternating Sweep – Exercise
    • Introductory Energy Session
      - DVD presentation / Give and Receive
    • Summary

Day 2

Introduction to the Sacred Templates by Peggy (video message).

A fast paced and informative overview of the Sacred Templates, what they look like and how they work (supported by animations).

Practice transmitting energy across the room or around the world.

Learn to give (and receive) an empowering loving and nurturing EMF Balancing Technique Introductory Energy Session.

Workshop Schedule – Day 2

  • The Universal Calibration Lattice – Review
  • Peggy speaks about the Sacred Templates (video)
  • The Templates of Light – Review
  • The Sacred Templates – Animation video
  • The Energy Activation Symbol – The Language of Energy
  • The One Minute One Step Rush Symbol – The Language of Energy
  • The Third Lattice – Animation video
  • Information about EMF Sessions and Trainings
  • UCL Tai Ji – In The Energy of Love – Exercise
  • The Secret of Mastery
  • The Attributes of Mastery
  • About Community Meetings
  • Introductory Energy Session
    - Give and Receive
  • Amplifying Energy With Your Eyes – Exercise

This 2-day workshop stands alone as a valuable experience. It is also the first step in the Personal Growth Training and the first step to becoming an EMF Balancing Technique Accredited Practitioner.

Materials You Will Receive in the Class
- Workbook

View Course Objectives for The Lattice™ Experience Workshop

For those interested in the Personal Growth training, you may complete segments 1 and 2.  For those interested in becoming an Accredited Practitioner, you must complete segments 1 and 2 as well as the required internship.

Segment 1:

Phases I–II Training (3 days)

Cost: $450 USD

– Wisdom and Emotions

Balances the head and the heart, resulting in stress reduction and providing an energy pattern of freedom and well being. Feel the energetic balance, and nurture the connection between the head and the heart. Involves verbal permission from the recipient to participate in and allow for the balancing process.

– Self Direction and Self Support

This session gracefully releases the energy blockage of old emotional issues and promotes awareness of your Prism of Personal Empowerment. This session encourages you to see your history as being supportive in your growth, no longer an anchor that holds you back.
Gracefully releases emotional issues. The resulting new perspective promotes awareness of direction and support from within the Self, making more energy available to you now.

Segment 2:

Phases III–IV Training (2 days)

Cost: $360

– Radiate Core Energy        

Radiating of the core energy allows your inner wisdom to manifest more frequently in your daily life. Being aware of your core energy encourages you to stand in your truth.
Allows the knowing from within to become more frequent. Aligns energy centers, allowing greater expression through the heart center. Hold your core of power in daily life.

– Energetic Accomplishment

In this “final” balancing, a connection and communication with your future self is established through the Prism of Personal Potential, allowing future potential energy into the manifestation of present reality. Balance through the Prism of Personal Potential, a dynamic, creative connection and communication with future self.
View Incremental Phases I-IV Program Objectives

Course Materials for Phases I-IV Training

    EMF Balancing Technique® Accredited Practitioner Internship

Cost: Internship for segment 1 is $350, Internship for segment 2 is $475
Questions?  Email Kathy at kathyk@sacredinsights.com

For those seeking a higher level of professionalism in energy work, we have created the EMF Balancing Technique® Accredited Practitioner Internship.

During the Internship, sessions are performed under the guidance of an EMF Supervisory Teacher, proficiency in the movements is demonstrated, and the intern is personally coached in a series of consultations with the Supervisory Teacher. Many or all of the requirements for the Internship can be fulfilled in your own home area.

Upon satisfactory completion of the Internship the Accredited Practitioner is licensed to perform the sessions professionally.

to read details about internship program and requirements


kathy karlander and peggy dubro
Peggy Phoenix Dubro and Kathy Karlander
Taken in Sedona, Arizona 2005 at the Mentor Teacher/Supervisory Teacher Training