Akashic Records On Demand Video Course: Discover the Essence of Your Soul

Learning to access your Akashic Records is easy, getting good at it takes practice, practice, and more practice.  In my book, Discovering the Essence of Your Soul, I will teach you the way that was given to me by the Akashic Record Keepers.  Some of you can read the book and be just fine working at your own pace, in your own way. 

Some of you may prefer to more support in your learning process.  And, just for you, I have put together a series of videos to go alongside the chapters in the book.  In addition, there are guided meditations channeled from the Akashic Records, and videos of group practice sessions.  This entire course is "on demand", meaning you can access the book, audios, and videos when it fits into your schedule, right from the comfort of your own home.  No need to travel!  

This on demand course is as close as you can get to a face to face class as you can get, without actually being face to face! 

As you learn to communicate with your Soul’s wisdom by accessing your Akashic Records, amazing shifts begin to happen in your life.  There is a wealth of information and healing that can be found within this field of energy, your Akashic Records. 

What may seem like struggle and frustration is often just the event that shows up to provide you with an opportunity to unearth your own inner wisdom and healing.  It is up to you to discover the gemstones of wisdom that are buried within the events of your life, and with this course, you will have the tool to do just that.  Accessing your Akashic Records is a powerful, powerful tool to have in your spiritual growth toolbox.

Not only can the Akashic Records help you better understand yourself, they also help you to better understand your connections to the world around you.  Accessing your Akashic Records can help you discover the gems within any arena of your life – relationships, repeating patterns and behaviors, influences from past lives, spiritual growth – and help you open to more peace and joy in your life now.

Are you ready to begin your journey of growth, transformation, and evolution?

Akashic Records On Demand Video Course
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Still not sure?  Check out this video called The Magnificent Puzzle.


All power to create change exists in the NOW moment.  Fretting over past choices won't make a bit of difference in this now moment.  The power to create change doesn't happen "later on" or "when you have more money" or any other reason you tell yourself why it is okay to put off making a decision in this moment that will launch you into exponential growth in positive and loving ways.

If you are still here, on this page, and FEEL something quickening within you, some level of interest or excitement in this NOW moment, recognize it for what it is!  This is your moment to make a choice to create powerful change for the better in your life.  Trust it. Take action. No more excuses as to why you cannot learn and grow and evolve. It doesn't get any easier than this!  

Here is a summary of just a few of the things you can do by accessing your Akashic Records:

  • You can go from confusion to clarity in regards to important decisions
  • Uncovering repeating patterns, and figure out how to release them
  • Identify dysfunctional relationships, understand them,  and release them.
  • Find the meaning behind "growth opportunities" or "lessons" that continue to show up in your life (understanding the challenges you may be experiencing)
  • You can move from victim to victor as you step more fully into your Co-Creator mindset
  • You can satisfy that feeling that something needs to change, even if you don't know what that something is!
  • You can develop a stronger, clearer channel for receiving intuitive guidance from your Akashic Records, Ascended Masters, Infinite Presence, and so much more.  With this ability, the opportunities are limitless.


When the student is ready the teacher will appear. In this case, you are the student and your Akashic Records are your teacher. 

Kathy’s book on the Akashic Records is one of the best books I’ve read on the topic. It’s beautifully written, full of heart and integrity, easy to understand and insightful. I highly recommend for anyone seeking to understand deeper levels of self and achieve enlightenment. Thank you, Kathy.
— M. Diemer

What You Will Learn with the Discovering Your Essence Program: 

  • The sacred prayer given by the Record Keepers: This is how you access your Akashic Records 
  • How to ask "good" questions: getting information from the Akashic Records is entirely dependent upon the quality of your questions. The better the quality of your questions, the better the quality of information you will receive as your answers. 
  • The 3 magic words that can change your life. 
  • The difference between the Perspective of the Soul and the Perspective of the Human - and why you need a bit of both. 
  • How to look at the challenges in your relationships as invitations for self-healing and understanding. 
“Kathy’s book not only shows you the ‘how’ to access your records, it gives you the spiritual grounding as well. It was so amazing to come into contact with my Divine Spiritual Family!”
— Lisa Z.

Now for the really good part...

What is included in the on demand video course for Discovering Your Essence:


  • Immediate Access to the -“Discovering the Essence of Your Soul” Ebook. Just this tool alone can help you get started and actually access  your Akashic Records to get much needed answers and clarity within hours.

  • Instructional videos explaining different aspects of accessing your Akashic Records, how to fine tune your receiving channel, and how to get good at it.  These videos are meant to flow along with the book, and would be very similar to what you would hear from me if you were taking the class in person with me.

  • Recorded video group practice sessions-These videos may well be the most important part of your program.  Through these videos you will gain an understanding of how the energy flows in real situations and hear real answers to real questions.  You may even find that some of the questions/answers apply to you! 

  • Exclusive Audio Alignments-These audio alignments are like mini-meditations created for the sole purpose of aligning your energetic frequency to the frequency of your Akashic Records, making it easier for you to access your own information.  These alignments were channeled from the Record Keepers, intertwining their energetic vibrations with my voice in order to pass those alignments to you. 

  • 4 guided meditations The Tree, High Heart Alignment, Alignment with your Higher Self, and Meet Your Divine Spiritual Family delivered as mp3 files.  
  • Recorded video of LIVE group practice sessions.  These sessions have real people, asking real questions.  These are immensely valuable in helping you to see the flow of a session, experience the feel of a group practice session, and build confidence in your own abilities.  This is the next best thing to being face to face in a workshop.
  • Priority spots in any mentoring programs you may wish to participate in.  These group mentoring video chat sessions are only available those who wish to take their skills and healing to the next level and who have completed this course.
  • Pleasant Surprises-From time to time, you will receive special event notices, surprise goodies, and more.  I just love to get unexpected pleasant surprises, and I love to give them even more! 


Akashic Records On Demand Video Course
49.99 199.99
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Your book, Discovering the Essence of Your Soul, is fabulous, easy to follow and very informative. I believe that your background in teaching made it possible to approach your book in a user friendly way. Thank you!
— G. Velez

The more you access your Akashic Records, the more you will enjoy the experience of knowing the Truth of who you are AND 
living your life as a daily expression of that Truth.


Here’s to Discovering Your Essence!




If you prefer to have a paperback copy of the book and/or the guided meditation CDs instead and you are not interested in the Program, visit www.amazon.com.

If you prefer to have a session for yourself, rather than learning how to access your own records, CLICK HERE.